Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheerful of Sunday

Today is cheerful day for me because
early in the morning i had plan with my friend for fishing at Hospital Bahagia Tanjong Rambutan so i caught them at their house ipoh jaya at 8 o'clock.

We arrive there at 10 o'clock and with me is syahirul, syuib, anuar and his friend. Without any preparation for fishing bait so we have only 2 hours for fishing. The fishing pond is nice because it has taking good care by its owner and the view is so calm and peaceful.

While we boring cause our bait doesnt attract the fish so we are planning for next week is fishing at there again because the fee is cheaper

1 hour = RM 3.00
2 hour = RM 6.00
3 hour = RM 9.00
4 hour = RM 12.00
only open is public holiday saturday and sunday at
8.00am - 1.00pm
3.00pm - 5.00pm

after that at the evening we go Majestic Hotel at KTM Ipoh for attend BSWAN NONI meeting and taking 'Buffet Buka Puasa' at the hall of the hotel.

All of these has been paid by my father so i invite 3 of my member syahirul, syuib and afiq for breaking fast together.
Because my 'abah' just wanted the Noni Juice because we are run out of stock. So my 'abah' take 3 bottle of juice for family use and got 3 ticket for Lucky Draw. I get number 47, 48, 49 and my number for 48 got 1st Prize like Noni Product RM 300.00. So this is the prize.

Bswan NONI website



nama saya ep said...

so u can share th prze wth me coz u r not invte me for brking the pose,may u??

nama saya ep said...

apik look vry exctd wth th food..evrythng dlcious haha

Muhammad Amirul said...

ya ya one i shall treated u well. maybe restoran sahul kuewtiow goreng basah. afiq excited but one thing he couldnt eat that is prawn or i malay we call udang

mai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mai said...

wah........mesti madam nalaine bangge ngn korang:P:P:D:D

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